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Improve 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Success

In order for your business to succeed in today’s connected world, you have to up your digital game. Your customers are online, and it’s where they might prefer that you reach them. Since online is where the buying process begins today, improving three key digital marketing strategies should help your business. Have a Responsive Website…

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Does Your Website Accommodate the Multi-Device User?

We all use lots of different devices to view website content. Visitors might even look at the same website from their laptop, tablet, and smartphone. That’s where the term “multi-device user” comes from.⁣ Make sure your website accommodates the multi-device user on all of their screens.⁣ Designing Websites for the Multi-Device User Responsive Website: A…

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You Don’t Own Your Facebook Profile. Stop Building Your Business Without a Website.

Are you putting your business at the mercy of social networks? You are if you feel you don’t need a website because you have a Facebook profile. You do not own your Facebook Page Your profile is a borrowed space on Facebook. The social giant changes their algorithm and policies often. A new change could…

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Check a Web Designer’s Portfolio of Live Websites⁣

Your website is the online face of your business and is quite often the first point of contact for your potential customers. People will choose whether they do business with you or not based on the first impression of your website. You Need an Experienced Web Designer While it’s sometimes fine to hire a start-up…

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