Two Things Hurting Website SEO

Two Things Hurting Website SEO

If you feel that something is wrong with how your website ranks on Google, there are two technical aspects that might be the culprit.

Your website is not responsive, or mobile friendly.

Your website is not secure, or using HTTPS.

These two technical aspects have a big impact on a search engine being able to access, review, and rank your site. They have a lot of impact and are easy to fix!

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Website

If you check your Google Analytics (or server stats), I bet the majority of visits to your website are from a mobile device. That means your website has to be responsive to welcome mobile users.

If we still have to pinch and zoom to view your content on mobile, your website is not mobile friendly.

From the perspective of SEO, Google’s focus is mobile first when indexing your website. If your website does not offer a mobile friendly experience, Google will be less likely to show your site in a person’s mobile search.

Since Google prefers responsive design, this is now a much bigger variable in your search rankings than ever before. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s less likely to get found.

The fix? A new responsive website.

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Secure Website

It used to be that only e-commerce sites and sites that captured secure information needed to be encrypted with https.

Then, in July 2018, Google warned us that if your site is not secure, website visitors will see a “Not Secure” message. If site visitors see this message in their browser, they may not trust your site and won’t venture any further.

Now Google has told us that sites that are not secure are a ranking factor. It’s a minor search engine ranking factor today, but it will increase in importance over time.

The fix? A secure certificate.

A secure certificate will also help cut down on instances of cyber crime that can pass through security loopholes in web browsers.

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Once you fix these two technical aspects of your website, you should see an improvement in your Google search engine ranking!