Google My Business Posts: The Right Image Size for Posts

Google My Business Posts: The Right Image Size for Posts

Have you tried adding a graphic to a new Google My Business post and important parts of your image were cropped out? Google doesn’t give you photo dimension hints as you’re uploading so it’s hard to know the right image size for your post.

Trying to figure out proper post image sizes was making us nuts, so we created a handy reference of Google My Business Post image guidelines (as of November 2019).

Google My Business post image sizes

The first number is the width and the second number is the height. (All measurements are in pixels, not inches.)

  • Default Size – 720 x 540
  • Maximum Size – 2120 x 1192
  • Minimum Size – 480 x 270
  • Aspect Ratio – 4:3

The image aspect ratio of 4:3 is similar to your old computer monitor (800 x 600) or the dimensions of an old analog TV.

Always center the subject of your image vertically and horizontally.

File sizes and types for Google My Business posts

  • Minimum File Size – 10kb
  • Maximum File Size – 5mb
  • File Type – JPG, PNG, BMP

You can upload images with aspect ratios that are different than the recommended 4:3, but your image will get revised by Google.

  • If you upload a square image, you can work with the crop tool but the results may not be ideal.
  • It you upload a wide image, the empty space at the top and bottom will be filled with black bars.

Remember, these dimensions are for Google My Business POST images (Nov. 2019). Google does like to experiment with new layouts so these guidelines might change again.

We hope you found this image guide helpful – have fun posting!