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Use This Time to Review Your Marketing Strategy

Use Time to Review Marketing Strategy

Use This Time to Review Your Marketing Strategy

I can relate to your frustration right now. Your office might be closed, but your business is still open, and working at home isn’t for everybody.

Hey, since we’re all stuck inside, right now might be a good time to revisit your online marketing!

Quite often clients tell me that with all the tasks they need to focus on, they just don’t have time to update their websites and socials and Google My Business.

Why not use this time to work on your marketing strategy?

This is a great time to navigate your site like a visitor, review your social media strategy, and find out how you’re doing on the search engines.

Website Content & Navigation

  • Take the time to navigate your website from your home page through to your contact page.
  • Click every link and button to make sure there are no page errors or missing pages.
  • Look at your images and see if they could use a refresh.
  • Verify that you have the right call to action on all pages.
  • Write a few new blog posts or create new pages for new services.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO

  • Check your statistics to see how past marketing efforts performed.
  • Do a search on Google to see how you rank in organic search rankings.
  • Optimize your content and socials to improve your search engine rank.

Social Media

  • Create and schedule posts in Facebook Creator Studio.
  • Come up with a strategy for improving your Facebook and Instagram engagement.
  • Spend some time on social media and engage with followers and local accounts.

Video Marketing

  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel, create one!
  • Create a story or two suitable for your next video shoot.

Google My Business

  • Make sure your profile is current and shows your temporary hours.
  • Create unique Posts about your current situation.
  • Add Services and Products, if you haven’t already.
  • Restaurants can use the Menu section to add menus.

Spending time on web marketing will take your mind off what’s happening right now. Working on marketing strategies could give you an edge over competitors who are slow to react, or have gone silent right now.

Things are pretty out of whack, but we will get through this together!

How often should I update my website?

All the time. Frequently. If you're like most businesses, your website is the first place people find out about your business. It's your top salesperson. Since we expect your website to have current information about your products and services, you should be updating frequently. Google does look for dates as to when your website was last updated so give Google something new to look at and index.

Why should my business create a YouTube channel?

If you have videos you're uploading to Facebook, you should also be uploading them to your own YouTube channel. YouTube is the #2 search engine and is owned by Google who's #1. The shear dominance of YouTube will give your business additional potential for reaching the largest audience.