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Think of Pinterest as a Search Engine

Think of Pinterest as a Search Engine

We all love the feeling of having others like and share what we post on Pinterest. For others, Pinterest is an organizational tool. People will pin recipes, vacation destinations, fashion, food and wine, and everything under the sun.

They also Pinterest to find out what’s in style or where they can get the hottest deals.

Pinterest has evolved into a search engine

Your pinning strategy for your Petoskey Michigan business should be centered around the fact that Pinterest is a search engine.

If you’ve been paying attention to Google, you know there are constant changes in Google’s algorithm. You have to keep up with what is a good technique and what is not.

Google wants quality, relevant search results

Your pins need to be quality, highly-relevant content. The Pinterest search engine is not yet as robust as the search engine in Google. You may be able to get away with some tricks in Pinterest that Google would not allow.

Don’t try to trick the Pinterest search engine. Pinterest is starting to implement changes similar to Google so search results for pinners are relevant.

Share quality content on Pinterest

Stay above the board from the beginning so you don’t have issues later.

Offer the Pinterest engine worthwhile, quality content. Use a few keywords and hashtags in the description of your pins. Just don’t go overboard.

Make sure all of your content is readable and makes sense. Don’t stuff the description with a bunch of keywords, write your descriptions for people.

Limit how much you’re promoting your business on Pinterest. You want to send pinners to your website for quality articles and that’s OK. Just don’t send links to a sales page, you will turn people off.

Please note: Pinterest discourages the use of direct affiliate links in pins. In fact, if you try to add an Amazon affiliate link, the engine will remove the affiliate part of the link. It’s not easy to do this with all companies offering an affiliate program. But, if Pinterest finds out that you are doing this in excess, they could delete your account.

Why should my Petoskey business use Pinterest?

Pinterest can have a big impact on your business! By formatting your pins so they link back to your website, Pinterest will drive more traffic and sales for your business. Your Petoskey business pins help people find information on products like yours that they want to buy.