Time to Upgrade to SSL

Time to Upgrade to SSL

In July 2018, Google warned website owners that if their website is not secure (http not https), website visitors will see a “Not Secure” message. We take Google’s warnings seriously!

We highly recommend an upgrade to SSL for all of our website clients. If you don’t have a secure certificate, you need one!

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the security used to encrypt information between a web server and a browser. By installing what is called a secure certificate, all data passed between your website server and a visitor’s browser is much more private. SSL also protects all online transactions, including when you login to your own website to make updates.

Most importantly, SSL certificates help cut down on instances of cybercrime that can pass through security loopholes in web browsers.

Do You Need SSL?

If you want people to trust your business, then the answer is yes! Chrome and Firefox browsers now display “Not Secure” in the website address if your website does not use SSL. This is a serious “negative trust” factor when someone visits your website. If you are logging in to a WordPress website to make updates, you really should have your own secure certificate.

Secure Certificate – Purchase & Installation

Abuzz Creative can secure a certificate (renewed annually) and provide installation of the certificate at the server level for our clients. This will change your site to HTTPS and shows visitors that your website is secure.

Ready to Purchase and Upgrade?

If you are a client of Abuzz Creative, please email Marcie for pricing and to schedule your security upgrade. We will email you an invoice (must be paid in advance). Marcie will then schedule your security purchase and installation for September.