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Promote Your Petoskey Michigan Event on Social Media

If you are hosting a Petoskey Michigan event, social media is an extremely powerful way to gain exposure for your event, conference, or in-store promotion. Here are some quick and easy ways to expand the promotion of your event.

Create a Facebook Event Page

Create a Facebook page just for your event and invite everyone you know to like this page. Encourage networking before the event by having people share your event updates. Since most Facebook users login at least once a day, keep reminding them about event news by posting once or twice a day, at different times of the day.

Create Facebook Events

On your event Facebook page, create an event with details of the event. Be sure to invite friends to the event and share the event link on your personal wall to encourage people to RSVP.

Use Facebook Ads for More Exposure

Create an ad and define a target market for your event. You don’t have to spend much on Facebook to get your ad seen. You can also create a post that is an overview of your event and then boost that post to a targeted market of those not yet following your event page.

Facebook Call-to-Action Button

Use the Call-to-Action button to send people to your website. If they need to register for your event, send them directly to the registration page – don’t make them hunt for it!

Create a Hashtag for Social Channels

Come up with a unique hashtag for your event to use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Add this hashtag to every post you share and in your email signature. Share it!

Add an Event Link in Your Email Signature

Think about how many emails you send and receive on any given day. Each email you send is an opportunity to get the word out about your event. Simply add a catchy tagline and link to your signature line.