Your forte is your line of work and you do it well. If you’ve been handed over the management of your organization’s social media channels or you’re a small business owner who’s doing everything yourself, you might be wondering where to even begin.

If you just need a little guidance on how to get started, I am here to help you out. I’ve been providing social media training for years, and my coaching method is hands-on and personalized for you. (My training sessions are really affordable, too!)

You’re probably thinking, “But Marcie’s a web designer. What does she know about social media?”

Social Media impacts how I design websites

In the past decade, social media changed the Internet into a more interactive place than ever before. It has transformed the way information is shared, how people connect, and it has changed our marketing message to be more humanized.

All of these changes meant I had to adapt my web design to be social media friendly.

Web design and social media now go hand in hand, and both play a major role in the online reputation of your business.

Not only do I need to create an attractive website for a client, but I need to make sure their business has a strong social presence, too.

Social Media influences website SEO

Social media activity is now a factor of how well a website performs in search engine rankings.

In an SEO Audit, you will notice that your social media activity is analyzed as part of your overall grade.

So, I had to adapt what I know about SEO for these changes, too.

Committed to Learning and Training

I’ve been creating websites and providing SEO and online marketing services for more than twenty years. The first website I worked on was in 1997 while employed at CMU. I knew instantly that web design was my calling.

About five years ago, I decided to add training for online marketing tasks to my list of services.


Because I want you to manage your own social media better.

I want your local businesses to feel confident with your online marketing strategy.

I want you to come away from training knowing you are a savvy social media marketer!