Use Your WordPress Posts for Company News

Use Your WordPress Posts for Company News

When I develop a new website for a client, I always recommend adding the blog post option to their website. Their first reaction tends to always be, “I don’t have time to be a blogger!”

You don’t have to be a blogger to write posts on your website. WordPress was originally developed for bloggers but we’ve found it’s the best software for creating websites our clients can manage.

Why not use the post option for sharing company news?

If you have a WordPress website, you can create Posts just like you create posts on Facebook and Instagram. Posts help you share timely content and are great for sharing news.

Blog Posts vs. Web Pages

Posts: Timely content with a publish date. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order (newest first).

Pages: Static, timeless content without a publish date for content like your “About” or “Staff” pages.

Change Blog Name to News

You don’t have to use the word “Blog” for your post area. You can change the default Blog page that holds all your posts to News. Then update the link on your menu to News. This will help website visitors find your news articles and press releases.

  • Create posts that are timely like company news or your recent press release.
  • Sort your posts into different categories so it’s easier for site visitors and search engines to find.
  • Post frequently to get more traffic to your website. When Google comes back to your site, make sure the bots have more content to index. (If Google doesn’t find anything new, the bots will back off – it might be awhile before they visit again.)⁣

Feature Posts on Home Page

WordPress has some great widgets for displaying your most recent posts on your home page. If your page design has a sidebar, you can display a list of posts there.

Not only does this make it easy for site visitors to find your most recent post, your widget will automatically update your home page and that’s good for SEO!

Should I write posts to improve my SEO?

In general, posts are a little more SEO friendly than a web page but both have value. Pages are for static content like your About and Contact pages which have long term value for content. Posts are much more timely and can be put in categories with dates and tags. When you publish a post, it is linked within your categories, tags, archives, and recent posts, and other multiple-post page. You can feature posts in different widgets on multiple pages which helps with SEO throughout your site.

Is WordPress a better choice for my business website?

WordPress is quickly becoming the industry standard for building websites. It is easy to update with a simple yet powerful text editor. WordPress has a large community of developers so there are lots of features to add to your website. Sites built with WordPress load quickly (Google does look at page speed) and it's a great choice for SEO.