Your website might be the first impression potential customers or clients have of your business. It should represent who you are, what you do, and be personality-driven while giving a great first impression.

So, what about your photos? We all judge people and brands based on appearances and first impressions. The best way to put your best image forward and add personality to your website is with high quality photos!

Tell Your Story with Photos

The best way to introduce your brand is through your own photos that tell a story. Whether you’re sharing images of products or showcasing your staff, people feel emotions based on what they see. What is the emotion you’re going for – trust? savings? excitement? fun? Instead of generic stock photos, use real photos that tell real stories about you and your company.

Yes, the Cliches Are Real!

We’ve all heard that “A picture paints a thousand words!” or “You have to see it to believe it!” What we see with our own eyes is the most powerful of our senses. That’s why great photos are so important and should be a high priority for your brand.

Hire a Professional Photographer

One of the biggest frustrations we face with most new projects is getting good photos from the client. Everyone wants their website to have a “wow” factor and a full-screen layout, but then they provide us with photos they shot themselves with their phone which are too small and tend to be very blurry.

You need great photos, plain and simple. Taking great photos is a skill and an art form. Hire someone who has the skills and the equipment to provide great photography. People visiting your website will know the difference.

Work with a professional – it’s a small investment to make a huge impact, and a great first impression!