Social Media is a powerful tool for marketing your business and reaching more potential clients, but should a Facebook Page take the place of a Website for your business?

Is Having a Website More Important?
As a business owner, would you (1) rather set up shop in someone else’s store without a lease or (2) own a dedicated space for your business and control your length of stay? With Facebook, you are borrowing space for marketing your business. With your own website, you control the location and terms of your stay.

Business Website

  • A Website is the Hub of Your Online Presence – Think of your online marketing like a wheel. Social media platforms are spokes that connect back to the hub – your website. All marketing should send leads to your website.
  • Credibility – A professional website with great content and a positive impression gives a business credibility.
  • Design & Control – You choose the design of your website. You decide the content and functionality. Everything you post on your website is “evergreen” content (it’s always there). You control everything.
  • Ownership – You own your website. You own your domain name. Your website is your own unique online address.

Facebook Business Page

  • Social Media is a Marketing Tool – A Facebook Business Page is free and people are looking to interact with you so, when used correctly for online marketing, you can grow a following quickly.
  • Content Has a Short Life Span – Content that you post on Facebook has a very short life span in your followers news feed (3-4 hours) and they may never see your posts.
  • You Do Not Own Your Content – Facebook is a third-party site with terms of service that must be followed or you risk losing your account. Relationships you establish on Facebook may be connected to your business, but those relationships are “owned” by Facebook.
  • The Free Ride Isn’t Really That Free – When Facebook updated its algorithm, businesses started reaching fewer people. Why? Facebook wants your business to advertise so they can make money. You have to decide how much you want to invest on this platform or on your own.
  • Facebook is Blocked to Many Businesses – To keep employees from spending time company time on social media, Facebook is commonly blocked to employees of companies and schools.

Meet Customers Wherever They Are – Then Bring Them Home

You need to find customers wherever they are and then take them to your website via links in posts. Bring them home.

Your website should entice people to sign up for your newsletter, redeem special offers, purchase products, register for events, view new videos, provide feedback… The possibilities are endless!

Remember, there’s no substitute for a Website when it comes to credibility. Invest in a website that you own and then use the benefits of Facebook to reach more people and grow your business.