Does Your Website Accommodate the Multi-Device User?

Does Your Website Accommodate the Multi-Device User?

We all use lots of different devices to view website content. Visitors might even look at the same website from their laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

That’s where the term “multi-device user” comes from.⁣

Make sure your website accommodates the multi-device user on all of their screens.⁣

Designing Websites for the Multi-Device User

  • Responsive Website: A responsive layout adapts and changes for different screen sizes. Your website must be responsive to support all of the devices available today.⁣
  • All Content, All Devices: Website content and features need to be available on all devices. None of your content should be “hidden” or “turned off” for certain devices.⁣
  • Readability: Your text needs to be easy to read no matter the device. Your font colors should have good contrast and font sizes should be easy to read. Don’t risk losing website visitors because they can’t read your site content.⁣
  • Consistent Layout: The layout for each screen size will be different, but there needs to be consistency from one device to another. Don’t make someone relearn your site if they visit it on a new screen.⁣
  • Speed & Performance: Your website must load quickly, especially on mobile devices with less than perfect download speeds. Speed and performance should be a priority in your design so your website loads fast and works well.⁣

No matter the device, make sure the user experience on your website is a good one!⁣