Social Media vs. Blogging

Social Media vs. Blogging

Writing social media posts and blog posts on your website are very similar in that they both allow you to share thoughts, ideas, and stories with people who are interested. Social networking and blogging are great ways to get traffic to your website.

However, social media and blogging are also very different.

Challenges of Social Media

On social media, you develop a community of followers who may or may not see your posts. Social channels like Facebook and Instagram are flooded with millions of posts each day on a timeline that keeps updating.

Once Facebook and Instagram eliminated the chronological feed, business page owners have watched their engagement get lower and lower. It’s harder to compete since you can’t control who gets to see your posts.

If you’re focusing only on social media, keep in mind that your posts have a very short life span. They go by in the news feed and are lost within a few minutes.

Make Blogging Primary

When it comes to your content strategy, blogging should be primary while social networking is secondary.

Blog posts on your website are what we call evergreen content. Your blog posts will always be there and they add value to your content marketing. If you have a WordPress site, the blogging option is built right in. It’s ready for you to get started.

  • You Are in Control: With a blog of your own, you control the delivery of your message. You also own your content. Anything you post to a social network like Facebook is owned by them.
  • Your Online Home: Your website is your home online. It’s the hub of all your marketing efforts. Your blog contributes to your work and the brand of your website.
  • SEO: With a blog on your own website, you are adding more valuable content to your own domain name. The search engines are always looking for new content on your website. Google has an algorithm which determines how good your articles are so make sure you have quality content, proper SEO, and links in your blog post.

Google vs. Social Networks

Google wants to remain the best search engine worldwide and that goal will never change. Google will always show quality content in search results.

Facebook and Instagram have both shifted their focus from building communities to making money. You have to invest in their platforms to be seen, and to attract new followers.

I’m a huge advocate of investing time in a content publication strategy, and that strategy includes blogging on your website (primary) and posting to social media (secondary).

I hope this gives you incentive to start blogging!