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Easy SEO Tip Focus on Website User

Easy SEO Tip: Focus on Website User Experience

SEO isn’t just about keywords and link building. You need to step back and look at the human visitor’s journey through your website. Google considers lots of factors when ranking your site, and user experience is an important one. ⁣

Google’s algorithm is designed to respond the same way your human visitors would respond. If it your website makes sense for human visitors, it will also make sense for Google’s algorithm.

Google recommends focusing your SEO efforts on whatever makes the most sense for your human website visitors, not just the robots that crawl and index your site.

SEO Exercise: Test the User Experience on Your Website

  • Load Speed – Did it take more than a few seconds?
  • Test Main Menu – Click links, any pages missing?
  • Products and Services – Easy to find?
  • Fresh Content – Do you need page and blog updates?
  • Photos – Are they fresh and original brand photos?
  • Mobile – Easy to use on phone and tablet?
  • Pop Ups – Are they annoying, especially on mobile?

It’s really easy to update your website for the user experience. Just provide a great first impression, easy site navigation, and lots of original content that’s of value to users. Keep your site navigation simple so users can find what they’re looking for (and fix links to missing pages).

Remember, what makes sense for users will also make sense for Google’s algorithm so keep your SEO simple.

By focusing on SEO for the user experience, you can help your business thrive online!


What does Google look at for website SEO ranking factors?

There are lots of factors Google looks at, but these are the most important. Secure and Accessible Website, Page Speed (including Mobile), Mobile Friendliness, Optimized Content, User Experience, Links to Authority Pages, Social Media Links and Shares, and Real Business Name, Address, and Phone.