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SEO & Web Design: People First, Search Engines Second

SEO Web Design People First Search Engines Second

SEO & Web Design: People First, Search Engines Second

Your website needs to provide a positive first impression with pleasant visual elements and intuitive navigation to make finding content easy.

By designing a website that’s search engine optimized from the beginning, you will be creating attractive pages for both your human visitor and for search engines like Google.

Prioritize Content for Humans First

Natural searches on Google are the ones that bring more visitors to your website. Organic traffic is how you get new people visiting your website.

Write your website content for the human user.

Focus on the human visiting your website who will become a loyal customer, who will buy your products, or will hire you for your services.

SEO is about the user finding you in a search so design for them first.

What is SEO copyrighting?

Writing copy for SEO is all about creating unique and valuable content that targets very specific keywords. You will want to include relevant long-tail keywords in your content to increase the authority of your content. This will help improve your ranking on Google for your specific keywords.