Start Selling Products on Your WordPress Website

Start Selling Products on Your WordPress Website

If your retail business has been thinking about moving sales of your products to your website, now is the time to do it!

Most of us are at home and we are shopping online for all kinds of things, including products like those that your local shop sells.

Your business needs to tap into the online shopping trend by offering online sales. Start out simple with ecommerce by selling your most popular products online and grow from there.

WordPress and WooCommerce

If you have a WordPress website, a great shop plugin is WooCommerce. You can list products to sell, take credit card payments, manage orders, and ship products out.

Here’s a quick overview on what you will need:

Products to Sell

  • Good product descriptions that sell
  • Lots of great product photos
  • Dimensions and weight for shipping
  • Competitive product price

Payment Processor

  • Online credit card processor for taking payments
  • Options include PayPal, Stripe,
  • Check with your bank to see if they have a payment plugin


This can get complicated depending on the options you need to offer. Are you charging one flat rate? Are you linking to your shipper for live rates? Do you need to offer a free pickup option, too?

  • Flat Rate: Same shipping fee applies to every order or is added per-item.
  • Table Rates: Fee is based on the total order value; rates are applied to orders of certain values.
  • Real-Time Rates: Calculate in real time using UPS, FedEx, USPS rates.

Start small with your online shop

Start your WordPress store with just a few products you know will sell. This way you can streamline your order fulfillment and shipping process.

You can easily expand with more products when you feel confident with your new online shop operations.

Start selling. We’re buying!