Responsive Web Design allows website visitors using different types of devices to view your site effectively. Your website looks the same – or similar – on all devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

The importance of having a responsive website is becoming more important as mobile website views are greater than people viewing your site on a desktop. Eliminate the need for users having to pinch and zoom on their mobile device by using Responsive design. The images and content will shrink and tile as your website adjusts automatically for your visitor’s viewing device.

Responsive Design, Not Mobile Design

Responsive web design is not the same as mobile design. Mobile design means that you are developing a completely different site with specific coding or with an app. A mobile website is a separate entity with quite often the same content as your website. Responsive web design means you are creating one website that modifies the layout based on the device being used to view the site.

Positive User Website Experience

You site visitors want the best experience possible when they are on your website. They need to be able to read, navigate pages, and share and follow on social media. Responsive web design makes for a better user experience.

Responsive is the Google Standard

Google announced a major algorithm change set for April 21, 2015 and every page of your website will be run through a mobile-friendliness test. Pages that don’t pass will see a decline in their organic search results.

It’s important to keep in mind that Google does not consider a separate mobile site to be responsive. If you confuse Google by having two different websites with different coding, your site may no longer be found on Google search results.

Responsive Design is Here to Stay!

Web design is always evolving and today’s focus is on cross-browser display for desktops and mobile devices. Today’s web trends focus on simplicity, usability, and responsiveness on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive design accomplishes all of that!


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