I am a web designer and have worked in website development for more than twenty years. I am in business to do something I love and am good at, and have always been paid well for the services I provide. So why do I always question what I am charging?

If you are a business owner, you need to confidently charge a reasonable amount for what you are doing. Trust yourself as a business owner. Your talents help businesses in your community. I am constantly acquiring more knowledge so I can continue to be a leader in my industry. Knowledge is value. Charge for it.

I have found when charging rates that are fair for my market, my clients are happy to pay for my services.  (That might be why I’m booked solid with work through June!)

It’s OK to Lose Customers

I know I will never please everyone with my rates – and that is just fine. I charge what I am worth and I stick to it. I’ve only lost a few projects along the way, and that’s OK.

Someone recently said that I am charging more than I am worth, but that same person needed something from me. Let them go elsewhere. True friends will pay your rate and will support your business.

Charge More. Get More.

If you’re perceived as cheaper than your competition, people will question your qualifications. Why is she so cheap? Is she a beginner? Does she have the experience with online marketing our business needs?

After three years as Abuzz Creative, I raised my prices to be more inline with my competition while remaining affordable for my market. In proposals, I also include a short bio with my work experience that details how I gained my expertise in web design.

New rates with details of my experience meant that people perceived me as a better web developer, and has earned me some very reputable clients. Rather than lose customers or clients, I have actually gained more business.

You’re Worth It

Never say “sorry” when quoting your fees. Be confident in what you set as the value for your work. You are the expert in your industry. Price your projects accordingly!