Naming Website Files for SEO

Naming Website Files for SEO

Creating the right file name for your photos and PDF files will help improve your website SEO. By using keywords in your file names, you are helping Google understand what your file is about.

Camera File Name

Don’t upload files with the default name assigned by your camera (DSC4567.jpg). Since WordPress uses the file name to create an image title for you, your file name should describe the image with keywords.

Hyphens Help

Use hyphens (-) as word separators in your file name. Search engines use hyphens as markers between words.

They see “photo-file-name.jpg” as “photo file name” with spaces so make sure those are all good keywords.

Underscores Do Not Help

Don’t use underscores (_) between words. Search engines don’t recognize underscores as markers between words.

They see “photo_file_name.jpg” as “photofilename” which won’t help your page SEO.

Files Names for SEO

Name all of the files that you upload to your website with SEO in mind. Relevant keywords in the file name will help Google determine the topic of an image or PDF file without even looking.