Paying Monthly SEO & Hosting Fees? What Are You Getting?

Paying Monthly SEO & Hosting Fees? What Are You Getting?

You might be wondering if you’re paying too much for monthly services. You might be questioning what those monthly fees are for. In all honesty, you might be paying for services you’re not getting.

Web design companies have been known to use scare tactics to sell ineffective, overpriced services. They prey on the small business owner who is unfamiliar with website lingo, especially when it comes to SEO.

Case in Point: Paying for the Unknown

A company contacted us about having their website redesigned in 2020. They mentioned they desperately need to reduce their monthly website costs as well. They shared their costs which raised a big red flag for us.

This company was told by their current web designer that they have to pay $250 a month for premium hosting. Why? Because they have five (5) email addresses. That comes out to $3000 a year for their website and email hosting!

This company is also tied into an ongoing SEO contract that costs $250 a month. When we asked them what SEO services they get for $250 a month, they were unsure – they don’t get a report showing services or results, just another invoice. They’re paying $3000 a year for a mysterious service on the backend of their website.

When we told them we could save them $6000 a year in monthly fees, there was much rejoicing! We have a new client for 2020, and they will save tons of money going forward.

That made us wonder: How many small business owners are paying too much for hosting and SEO?

Monthly Hosting vs. Annual Hosting Fees

The web industry standard is to pay once a year for website and email hosting. An annual fee averages $360 a year and includes website hosting plus email hosting services. If you’re paying more than that, or are being charged an additional monthly fee on top of your annual fee, you might be paying more than you need to.

For the typical small business website, Abuzz Creative charges $200 a year which includes website and email hosting, a secure certificate so your site is HTTPS, and includes up to 50 email addresses. We do not charge a monthly fee. (There are exceptions; virtual private network hosting is available for sites that require more visitor traffic and massive hosting space for dynamic files and email storage.)

SEO Monthly: What services are you getting?

If your SEO agency bounces ideas off you, asks you questions, writes blog posts and social content for you based on your discussions, is 100% transparent about what they’re doing each month, and they provide a monthly report showing continued results, then by all means – keep paying for SEO!

If your SEO agency is doing none of these things, what are they doing? Trying to cheat the system? Using old spammy techniques?

Stop paying for services that might be hurting your website more than helping!

The Solution? Content Management!

The content on your website is the single most important factor for showing up in the search results. Today’s SEO is about creating fresh, valuable content like blog posts, articles, press releases, social media posts, and videos.

Google rewards websites that follow the rules and provide customers with great content. This is something you can do yourself (we can show you how!).

As for the company that we’re helping save thousands in 2020, we will build them a new website that is optimized from the beginning for a one-time fee. We will show them how to manage their content and socials to stay competitive on the search engines. They can hire us for on-demand services at an affordable hourly rate.

We feel great knowing we can help this business save so much money each year.

How many other small business owners can we help?

How much does a website cost per month?

Before you hire a web designer, you need to find out if there will be additional fees to budget for. Some web designers charge a project fee to design your website, then they charge additional monthly fees going forward. You need to find out what those monthly fees cover (support, software updates, rent to access your own website?). Request a monthly report if you are paying a monthly fee so you know what services were provided. If you built your website with an online site builder like Wix or Shopify, recurring costs will range from a $29 dollars per month up to $50 per month. (Abuzz Creative does not charge a monthly fee; we only charge our hourly rate for future updates.)