You Just Launched a New Website. Now What?

You Just Launched a New Website. Now What?

“Build it and they will come.” Sounds nice, right? In truth, getting visitors to your new website is going to take a little more work than that.

Once your new website is live, you will need to do some online marketing. You want to grow our business online and that takes some marketing on your part to get the right exposure.

Fortunately, you just need to invest a little time and not a lot of money. By providing the right keywords in your content and playing nice with Google, you will start to see more visits from potential customers.

Review the keywords on your new website

For people to find your website for the right reasons, your text content needs to be rich with keywords. If you sell insurance, you need to include “insurance” and all the types of insurance you sell in your website text.

With the right keywords, Google, Bing and Yahoo will know what your business is about. For example, Google “spiders” will crawl your site content to determine what your website is about. When someone does a search using your same keywords, Google will start to show your website and/or web pages in search results when you’re a good fit for that search query.

Focus on including really good keywords on every page and paragraph of your blog. This will help you be found by the right people.

Make sure you have someone who is responsible for creating new content and updating your current website content. You can set time aside to do it yourself, or you can hire a company (like your web designer) to manage. Either way, make sure your content is always fresh and interesting – to humans and search engines!

Google Analytics and Google My Business

Since Google is the number one search engine, we recommend doing two things right away.

Google Analytics: Get your own Google Analytics code and add it to your website. Once your GA code is added, Google will start to crawl and index your website. This might help your website show up on Google sooner (and it’s free to add).

Google My Business: Claim or create your business listing with Google My Business. You will be able to update your business profile with your logo, business hours and contact information. This will add your business to the map listings and to the right sidebar when someone searches for your business name. You can also add posts with photos and a link back to your website.

Get listed on directories

Another way to get found online is by adding your website link to online business directories. Google likes to see inbound links from reputable websites.

If you are a member of your local chamber of commerce, make sure your website link is part of your profile. There are other free directories where you can create a free listing such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Do a search online to find directories that are specific to your industry. The sites that come up higher in a Google search are the sites where you want to be listed.

Share, share, share!

Start sharing your new website in newsletters, on social media sites, with friends and family and current clients.

Search engines like Google pay attention to traffic that comes from your social media channels. The more you share, the better your rank in the search engine.

Build it, promote it, and then they will come!