Why Email Gets Flagged as Spam

Why Email Gets Flagged as Spam

I’ve been finding more email messages in my Junk Mail folder and a few have been legitimate messages from newer clients. On average, email messages have a pretty high chance of being received. However, there are times an email gets filtered as spam or blocked entirely. How does this happen?

Spam filtering has become more rigorous and email providers are cracking down harder on spam. The spam filters they use aren’t 100% accurate, so sometimes legit emails go into the Junk Mail folder.

To make sure your email gets to a recipient’s Inbox, pay attention to your formatting before sending your message.

Your Email Subject Line

People will email me with the subject line “Website” and my filter goes nuts! On any given week, I can have five or six “Website” email messages sitting in my Junk Mail.

Be more specific on what your message is about. An email with a subject line “Updates for Abuzz Creative Website Needed” will get my attention and will pass the spam filter test.

Your “From” Information

Email messages with just a sender’s first name quickly bounce to the Junk Mail folder. A single name in the “From” field is a common spam identifier.

In your email client (Outlook or Apple Mail for example), make sure you format your email messages to include your first name and last name as the sender.

You Used Spam Trigger Words

Spam filters are triggered by words in the subject line and/or in the body of the email message. A few examples of words or phrases NOT to use include:

  • Amazing
  • Cancel at any time
  • Check or money order
  • Risk-free
  • Special promotion
  • This is not spam

Weird Fonts in Your Signature

I get it, you want your signature to look like it’s handwritten so you use a fancy script font you found on your Windows computer.

Guess what? Obscure fonts used in email are another quick spam trigger. I found an email from a potential client in my Junk Mail who used some crazy illegible script as the entire signature line (name, phone, email). My email provider did not like that font and I could not read anything in the signature.

Stick with fonts that work across all platforms (Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman).

Use proper formatting as shown above to keep your emails out of the Junk Mail folder and get your message to the Inbox!