Does Your Website Say What You Do and Why We Need You?

Does Your Website Say What You Do and Why We Need You?

People click a link to your website from a search, a social media post, or from an ad you placed. No matter how they get there, you have mere seconds to get their attention and keep them on your website.

Does your website tell them (1) they are at the right website and (2) what you can do for them?

Website visitors have very short attention spans. I have a short attention span, and you probably do, too. My decision to stay on a website is made in three or four seconds.

Clearly state what you do

Your tagline, or the first text on your website, should be clear about what it is you do. What services would I be hiring you for? What products do you sell that I need right now?

This is not the time to razzle dazzle with corporate speak only you understand. Write a short sentence in bold font in easy to understand language.

Your website might be beautiful. You pages might load fast. That won’t matter if we have no idea what your website is saying.

So, we leave your website, never to return. We find the next site in our search results which is most likely your competition fighting for our attention.

Website text that’s easy to read

Did you know that the average American adult reads at a 7th or 8th-grade level? That means your website content must be easy to read in order to keep their attention.

  • Keep your text simple with short sentences
  • Use bullet points to make important text stand out
  • Stay away from industry lingo only you understand
  • Divide your text into sections with titles and subtitles

Remember, your website will attract customers who are not experts. Write for your audience, not for your colleagues.

Keeping a website visitor’s interest is challenging for all of us. Just keep your content simple and conversational, and you should have no problem getting a new customer.