Write Great Web Content for Your Website Visitor

Write Great Web Content for Your Website Visitor

Writing for your website is much different than writing for print. People visiting your website skim content. What they’re looking for has to pop out quickly.

We all walk that fine line between having too much content and having too little. Just make sure you’re giving site visitors what they want.

Great Website Content

  • Write for your customers and not for your colleagues.
  • Make your text easy to read with short paragraphs and short sentences.
  • Don’t use unnecessary words, and refrain from using corporate jargon that no one but you understands.
  • Address your web visitors directly by using the word YOU.
  • Shorten your text. Your pages should only be as long as they need to be.

By writing text that is more concise and by being more specific with descriptions, not only will you make site visitors happy, you’ll make Google happy and that will improve your SEO!⁣