WordPress 5.0 Update and it’s a Doozy!

WordPress 5.0 Update and it’s a Doozy!

WordPress 5.0 has been released which is a major change to the core software and includes a controversial editor called Gutenberg. For Abuzz Creative clients who have chosen to upgrade your site to WordPress 5.0 on your own, you will see that your current website editor has changed to ugly code.

The bad news? Your current site is no longer editable using the visual editor you’ve been using. Argh!

What’s the Required Fix?

Abuzz Creative will need to upgrade your site framework at the server level. This cannot be done by clients in the WordPress dashboard.

Marcie will need to transfer new files to the server where your website is hosted.

The visual editor also requires an upload of the WP 5.0 compatible version to the server. This will enable a newer version of the visual editor you are familiar with that works with WordPress 5.0.

Marcie will also disable that ugly Gutenberg code editor.

Contact Abuzz Creative to Schedule

If your website was developed by Abuzz Creative and is hosted on our servers, we can schedule an upgrade. The cost will be an hour of our time.

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