Website & Domain Names Are Valuable Assets!

Website & Domain Names Are Valuable Assets!

When you think of a business asset, your Website and Domain Name might not be the first things that come to mind.

Most businesses consider assets to include customers, the office building, all equipment, employees, branding, and trademarks.

Few businesses look at their Website and Domain Name as assets. Both are things you own, have great value, and help bring new customers or sell products.

Business Website

Your Website is an asset that needs to be tended to and interacted with.

Once your new website is launched, is important that you update your content with new product launches, service specials and updates, and blog posts of news and behind the scenes happenings.

As for ownership, when we complete a website for a client, it is theirs – they own it.

Domain Name

Your Domain Name is your online office address. It’s part of your brand and it’s how people can find you best online. You can choose .com or .net – whatever makes the most sense to you. If you’re a non profit organization, .org is an option and lets people know you are a charitable organization.

As for ownership, our preference is to have clients register their domain with GoDaddy or Network Solutions, but we are more than happy to register a domain for them. (Sometimes its just easier for us to secure a domain name at the start of the project.) Either way, our clients own their domain names.

Valuable Assets

Once you value your Website and Domain Name to the depth of their potential, it will be easier to see them as assets you own, just like all of the rest.