Website Errors Are Bad for Visitors and Your SEO

Website Errors Are Bad for Visitors and Your SEO

If your website has errors you’ve overlooked, this can hurt the user experience when someone visits your site. Google will never overlook these errors because they want the best user experience for their customers.

If your site does not provide a positive user experience, your website can slip in search results (below your competition, perhaps…?).

Errors are quite often the result of bad or faulty SEO. We have some common examples that are very easy to fix!

Broken Links > Page Can’t Be Found

Do you have links that point to a page with a 404 error? Did you delete a page and forget to remove links from your menu? Do you have page buttons and text links that still point to that missing page?

These are called broken links and they create a bad experience for site visitors. Google doesn’t like that.

Take the time to click links and buttons on your website to make sure they go to the right pages. If you removed a page or post from your website, make sure you remove all links pointing to that URL.

Missing Tags

Are your pages missing Title, Meta Descriptions, and H1 tags? This is basic SEO and is really easy to fix.

Are your Title, Meta Descriptions, and H1 tags the same on every page? Now you have errors you need to address.

These important tags need to be different on each page and unique to the content on that page.

Missing Sitemap

Make sure you have a sitemap in your root directory and that you submit it to Google.

Don’t risk your website performance any further – take the time to look at your website like a visitor and get rid of the errors as soon as you find them.

What is a sitemap and what does it do?

A sitemap is a XML file that has a complete list of the web page URLs for your website. A sitemap also contains other details like the metadata of each URL and when it was last updated. The primary purpose of a sitemap is to tell search engines like Google about the pages on your website that are available for their bots to crawl.