With all of the changes in how search engines rank websites in search results, most business owners have not been able to keep up. To stay competitive, you can test your website fast - and free!

One of the fastest ways to increase your brand awareness and get more attention on Instagram is through the use of hashtags and mentions.

Movie theater ads at the Gaylord Cinema are an affordable way to get in front of a local captive audience, and Abuzz Creative can produce a video ad that gets their attention!

Online marketing helps promote your business to a larger market and connect with a wider audience.

As you're planning your marketing strategy, there are some new and exciting features in search and social media to consider.

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of how websites get higher rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Have you ever scrolled through your feed to see a friend's post about their gig tonight, only to find out the event was a few days ago?

Every other Friday, Marcie Wolf is offering hands-on training for social media management, creative marketing, updating your WordPress website, and more!

Mobile first indexing means Google considers mobile friendly websites first when ranking content. If Google is taking mobile websites more seriously, you should, too!...

We have officially moved our website design and video production business to Petoskey, just in time to spend the holidays in our favorite place in northern Michigan!...

Have you noticed the movie theater ads at the Petoskey Cinema? It's an affordable way to advertise to a local captive audience and we can produce a video that captures their attention!
Abuzz Creative will be moving our website design and video production business to Petoskey, Michigan in the next few weeks - just in time to celebrate the holidays in our new place - and we couldn't be happier!
If you have a YouTube channel where you host your marketing videos, be sure to optimize each video for the search engines. It's a great way for your business to be found.
As the Internet quickly became a place for doing business, lawmakers realized that persons with disabilities faced new obstacles. The Internet was an unwelcome place to individuals with various disabilities.
Your organization most likely has a web presence, but most websites are incredibly outdated which might be making it hard to find new customers online. Is it time for a website redesign?
In July 2018, Google rolled out a major algorithm change. The focus is on ease of use for site visitors using a tablet or smartphone. Is your website mobile first ready?
We've seen the commercials. "Build your own stunning website in just a few minutes!" Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly let you build your own cheap website. But is it worth it?
The July 2018 release of Chrome is now marking all HTTP sites as “Not Secure” in the browser window. How do you remove the "not secure" message when visiting your website?
You know it's important for your business to have a website. You also know there are a lot of free or cheap options available for building a website. Why would you need a pro?
In July 2018, Google warned website owners that if their website is not secure (http not https), website visitors will see a "Not Secure" message. We take Google's warnings seriously!
Supporting local business in our community is what drives our local economy. We see trickle effects when people choose to make local purchases instead of online or at big-box chain stores.
WordPress is a robust platform for developing a highly professional website where Squarespace is an online site builder for basic sites. Is one better than the other for your business?
If your business was a person, who would it be? Your business is made up of humans, but is your method of communication using corporate speak that not everyone understands?
In the world of creative services, every agency is a little different in how they bill for their services. Some bill hourly while others price by the project.
Advertise your business to a captive audience before every movie! Video advertising at the movie theater is affordable and get movie-goer's attention before the show.
Your business knows the importance of social media marketing for increased sales and to find customers you didn’t know existed. Unfortunately, many business owners just don't have the time to manage their Facebook and Instagram channels.
I am a web designer and have worked in website development for more than twenty years. I am in business to do something I love and am good at, and have always been paid well for the services I provide. So why do I always question what I am charging?
We design websites with WordPress for the great visitor experience and easy update options for our clients. WordPress is user-friendly for website users and those maintaining content!
Video marketing is one of the most important strategies for your business. Videos help build brand awareness and stay ahead of your competition. Employees can use their phones to share timely videos on social media sharing. When is it time to hire a professional video production team?
I used to spend hours giving away my valuable expert advice because I just want to help people. I want everyone to find success. Then it occurred to me that I've invested time and money to learn what I know, and my knowledge is extremely valuable. I decided it was time to stop giving expert advice away for free!

As with any marketing strategy, there is a time for doing it yourself and there's a time when you should really hire a pro! This train of thought definitely applies to video. With easy access to shooting video from our phones, anyone can create a video...

Marketing your business online is an essential part of your marketing strategy, but knowing where to begin and focus your efforts is a daunting task for any business owner.
Is it time to start using videos for promoting your business? Can you afford to add video to your marketing strategy? The answer is simple: Yes.
Why rent a basic website from Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace when you could - and should - own your business website? Plus, these online site builders do not support a local business.
At this point, your business has had a website for quite some time. Have you made sure your website is optimized for mobile visitors?
We get calls from business owners whose websites are not performing well on Google. Sometimes the answers are quite easy, but most often the problems are more complex.
Have you noticed the little circles at the top of your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds? Those are "stories" posted by friends or pages you follow.
The photos on your website are an essential part of telling your story visually, and great images will help you really stand out. Blurry images, bad lighting, and poorly staged product shots just won’t give the first impression you're looking for. 
Most small businesses create a website and expect leads to start flooding in. They sit back and wait - yet nothing happens. Every business needs SEO!
Social Media is a powerful tool for marketing your business and reaching more potential clients, but should a Facebook Page take the place of a Website for your business?
Your number one marketing piece is your website. It's the digital storefront of your business which should be appealing in design and mobile-friendly in layout.
Your website is the front door to your business online. Your videos might be someone's first impression of you. Your online content needs to help build credibility. Why hire local? 
Explainer videos are short stories that have risen in popularity in the last few years. Explainer videos capture people's short attention span and viewers retain your video information better than text.
Creating a website should be first on the to-do list for any new company. A website gives your business credibility and shows people that you're ready to do business. If you don't have a website, how would people even know you exist?
People search the Internet with mobile devices more than desktop computers so a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option - it's a requirement!
A lot more goes into your website than just creativity, planning, and coding. Applying psychology to web design can give your business a competitive advantage and improve engagement by website visitors!