Is it time to start using videos for promoting your business? Can you afford to add video to your marketing strategy? The answer is simple: Yes.

Video is the one digital marketing tool people engage with the most. Video consumption has doubled since 2012 and will continue to skyrocket as more and more people gain access to better technology. To make the most of this trend, your marketing plan should include video – large and small.

Keep it short and sweet with Micro Videos or an Explainer Video (or two… or three…).


More and more people are turning to their mobile devices to watch video. Microvideos are popular because they’re shorter and they can be consumed quickly by viewers. The fast-paced content creation of microvideo is a serious one and cannot be ignored.

If your microvideo is for business promotion and branding efforts, videos should never be an amateur production. Hire a professional to help with creativity in editing and developing the content of each microvideo.

Explainer Videos

Short online marketing videos, or Explainer Videos, are used to introduce your company’s products or services. Explainer videos have become extremely popular and offer higher conversion rates on websites. Live action explainer videos are usually best for companies selling a physical product or if you specialize in a consumer-focused service (i.e. restaurants, consulting groups, events).

And, by featuring real people in your Explainer Video, you will create an emotional connection for viewers. The personality of your business can shine through!

Examples of Explainer Videos

  • Explanation of how your product or service works
  • Web commercials to promote your brand
  • Corporate videos to introduce your company
  • Tutorials or how-to videos to educate your users
  • Customer testimonials

People are looking for video content to watch, whether it’s for business or for fun. As the demand for video continues to grow, it’s time to make video work to your advantage in your marketing plan!