Video: When It’s Time to Hire a Pro

Video: When It’s Time to Hire a Pro

As with any marketing strategy, there are times when you can do it yourself and there are times when you really need to hire a pro. This train of thought definitely applies to video!

With easy access to shooting video from our phones, anyone can create a video to share. However, there are times when your video marketing should be handled by a professional – someone with high quality cameras and professional editing tools and skills.

DIY Video

A perfect time to make a DIY video is when you want to share on social media right now. If you are in the middle of a live event, you should share live video on Facebook with your page followers – in real time!

You can also shoot quick snippets of video as things happen around you. Try turning your phone horizontally for 16:9 video (wide) or hold your phone vertically for stories (tall). You can upload your videos to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for quick sharing.

When to hire a pro for video

Hiring a professional is not that expensive, especially when you consider the quality and mileage you’ll be getting out of your finished project. Professional video experts are experienced in making high quality videos that are effective and engaging. It’s what they do. (Just like you’re an expert in what you do!)

Commercials, movie theater ads, and presentation videos need to be shot in high definition with a professional camera. Videos shot from your phone do not produce a resolution high enough for showing on large displays like 4K / 5K televisions and movie theater screens.

A video pro will bring a fresh perspective to your story as you write your script. They are familiar with current trends and techniques, especially when marketing in today’s fast-paced world. They know how to create “snackable” content that’s appropriate for social media sharing.

Professional videos with a human touch

Most importantly, professional videos give the right first impression of your business through quality images, great voice-overs, and background music to help set the mood.

  • Videos help your potential customers see and hear you.
  • Personalizing your message with video helps you sell more products.

Abuzz Creative helps businesses like yours get the message out there in video form. Your business deserves to be seen in the best light and we want to help you make it happen!

Hire a pro and start sharing your story!