Does my business need video marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most important strategies for your business today and videos help build brand awareness. Employees can use their phones to share timely videos on social media sharing. For corporate or advertising use, you will want to hire a professional video production team.

Adding video to your website increases your chances of ranking on Google better. Another valuable thing to know is that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Your potential buyers are searching on YouTube so we make sure all of our client’s videos are found there.

Can we use phone videos or should we hire a professional?

The camera on your phone is fine for quick videos and doing live stories like Facebook Live. When the video needs to be high quality for commercials and presentations, you need to hire a professional.

A professional videographer knows what is visually appealing, they know how to get as many creative angles as possible, they will have proper lighting, and microphones for clear audio.

If your videos are intended for commercial use on TV or at the movie theater, we do not advise trying to save money and compromising quality. Hire a pro.

How do we prepare for a professional video shoot?

  • Decide the goal of your video – do you want to educate or entertain?
  • Write your script first. If you are writing for a 30-second commercial, read your script aloud while timing yourself. Make sure your video script does not go over the maximum length allowed.
  • Plan your shooting schedule and the location(s) with your videographer.
  • Decide if you will need lighting and microphones at the video shoot location.
  • Create a video distribution schedule if your video is for TV.

How do you create our professional video?

Abuzz Creative uses high quality equipment and professional editing software for better visual definition, sound quality, and overall production. Graphics and background music will be designed to help tell your story while engaging your audience.

If you need a professional voice over, we work exclusively with radio personalities from Lite 96.3 and 106 KHQ.

Will there be fees to make future changes to our video?

Editing an existing video is much different than editing a Word document. We will need to make edits in the video, render the project, and save as a new video. There will be a fee and we will let you know in advance the cost to edit.

Why should I hire Abuzz Creative?

Eric Davis has over 30 years of video production and video marketing experience. Eric will talk to you in terms you will understand, and you will hopefully laugh along the way. Abuzz Creative is focused on keeping up with today’s technology and being relevant for the times. Feel free to review our video portfolio. We have a wide variety of videos for clients in lots of different business sectors.