I used to spend hours giving away my valuable expert advice because I just want to help people. I want everyone to find success. Then it occurred to me that I’ve invested time and money to learn what I know, and my knowledge is extremely valuable. I decided it was time to stop giving expert advice away for free!

Let Me Pick Your Brain

Once you have achieved a measure of success in your career, you now get requests from people to “pick your brain.” The invites range from meeting for coffee, scheduling a phone call, or having an after-work drink.

For me, requests range from “can you just quickly help me with this” to “help me do some marketing brainstorming for my business” to “do you have some free advice for my new web design startup business?”

I do possess a strong desire to help people, but my knowledge is valuable. I obviously possess a talent people need or they would not be calling to pick my brain. However, I cannot give away too much of my time. I have a business to run and bills to pay.

People may not realize they’re asking for something valuable, and something I’m not willing to give away for free. As hard as it can be, it’s been up to me to set boundaries. I am now more than happy to provide advice for a nominal consulting fee.

Freebies or Discounts

I own a business that sells digital marketing services, and requests for freebies and discounts is constant. The requests for free websites or deeply discounted services still surprise me, especially from people I don’t even know. (And people trying to guilt me into donating services is a touchy subject…)

People will ask for discounts and freebies.

A true friend will pay full price to support your time and work.

Support your friend’s business. Don’t ask for things for free. Pay full price so as to support their time and talents, and keep them in business!

Value Your Knowledge

As a business owner, you have to trust in yourself. You possess talents that can help businesses in your community.

I see myself as a valuable contributor of knowledge based on my experience in online marketing and my authority stature as a web developer. I have confidence in what I know and do. You need confidence in yourself to sell your services to a new client.

I am constantly acquiring more knowledge so I can continue to be a leader in my industry. Digital marketing is always changing and improving, and requires a great deal of continuing education on my part to stay relevant.

Get Paid for Your Knowledge

Knowledge is value, no matter the industry. Set a “Brain Picking Fee.” Charge friends full retail.

Just like a doctor, lawyer, hairdresser, auto mechanic, plumber, builder, or any professional – I make sure I get paid for what I know.