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Using Hashtags in All of Your Instagram Posts

Using Hashtags All Instagram Posts

Using Hashtags in All of Your Instagram Posts

That symbol we used to call the pound sign and now refer to as a hashtag is pretty important on Instagram.

A hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers, and emoji characters with the # symbol at the beginning (e.g., #AbuzzCreative). Hashtags are used to categorize content. This helps make your posts – and your account – more discoverable.

Hashtags Are Searchable

Hashtags make your posts easier to find, even by people who are not following you. People who search for content and follow certain hashtags can find your posts.

Add hashtags in the caption or comments of your post. Now your post will be visible on the corresponding page for that hashtag.

You could see more likes and comments, and get new followers.⁣

STOP: Don’t Copy the Same Hashtags

Don’t use the same set of hashtags with every post! You risk having your account being treated as spam if you do, and your posts stop showing up in the hashtag search results.

You might be tempted to just copy and paste the same group of hashtags on all of your posts, but don’t do it!

Per Instagram’s community guidelines, “posting repetitive comments or content” is not OK.

Try to avoid using hashtags that are associated with inappropriate content, too.

Mix Up Your Hashtags on Every Post⁣

Help people discover you on Instagram by using hashtags that are relevant to each specific post you create and share.

Use a hashtag generator to find relevant and trending hashtags like All Hashtag or download Tagify to your phone.

Using hashtags on Instagram is not about getting seen by a lot of people. This strategy is about getting seen by the right people!

Should I add a location hashtag to my posts?

Yes! People follow location hashtags. We follow the Petoskey hashtag so we can see what’s new in our community. Add appropriate location hashtags, and be sure to include your actual location when posting.