Stop Words Google Ignores

Stop Words Google Ignores

If you’ve ever thought about starting a new business which in turn means building a new website, there are certain words you might want to avoid when naming your business.

Why? There are extremely common words that Google will ignore when crawling your content.

These are called Stop Words and you will want to avoid using them in your business name and your new website content.

Search engines ignore extremely common words to speed up the process of crawling and indexing your content. (They also want to save disk space on their servers.)

Words that can hurt your SEO

Using “stop words” can have a negative impact on your SEO efforts, especially if they are used frequently in your business name and website page titles.

Try not to use “stop words” in these areas of your website:

  • Web page titles and title tags
  • Webpage URLs (
  • Meta descriptions on each web page
  • Image alt text

Examples of stop words Google ignores

Computer Hope has compiled a list of basic “stop words” that the search engines skip. Click the link below to view a great explanation and their basic list:

Link Assistant has put together a much more comprehensive list:

What if you’re using stop words?

You don’t have to stop using these words, you just need to use them wisely!

It’s important to note that if your content is mainly filled with lots of stop words from this list, you may not get the web traffic you were hoping for.