Social Media Marketing Classes

Social Media and Marketing Classes in Petoskey, Michigan

Upcoming Workshop

Join the creative women from Abuzz Creative and Social Guru 4 You for Google My Business on March 5th from 2:30 – 5:00 pm. This hands on workshop will be held at the new Courtyard Marriott in Petoskey.

Hands-On Learning Sessions

Since the best way to learn is by doing. all sessions are hands on. You will have better retention when you learn marketing techniques on your own device or laptop. Questions are encouraged as we go along.

Prefer One on One Learning?

If you have specific needs or are struggling with certain marketing tasks, Marcie Wolf offers personalized marketing training and coaching. One-on-one tutoring is very effective! We will focus on only the tasks you need to learn!

Individual & Group Training Fees

Individual or Group

Individual training and coaching is $75 per session for 90 minutes (one person). Group sessions can be provided at your place of business for a fee of $150 per session (90 minutes max).

Payment Terms

All payments are due in advance. Payment must be received after training time is confirmed and prior to date of training.


one time fee
  • Hands on training for one
  • Training on site or at coffee shop

Group Training

one time fee
  • Training for two or more
  • Training on site, at cafe, or luncheon