You Need a Separate Instagram Profile for Your Business

You Need a Separate Instagram Profile for Your Business

Have you created a business profile on Instagram that is separate from your personal profile? It’s the best way to keep work and play separate. At Abuzz Creative, we want to keep our business content professional and our personal content, well, personal.

For one thing, our business name is Abuzz Creative, not Marcie+Eric. Our Abuzz Creative profile represents our brand and what we provide as a business. Our posts have more business value and the original content we write is meant to educate our audience.

Instagram Business Account

With a business account:

  • You will gain access to paid promotions to help sell your services.
  • You will have Insights so you can monitor your performance and engagement.
  • You are building a great business asset, should you ever choose to sell your business or merge with another company.

Too many dog and cat photos? What does that mean?

I can’t help myself. I like to post A LOT of photos of Trekker and Tango. Truth be told, I post way too many dog and cat photos for our Abuzz Creative audience, but I’m sure my friends love it… right?

Your business followers want to get to know you, but they aren’t following you for that many glimpses into your personal life.

Instagram users love to follow business accounts that are relevant to their interests. Our audience expects to see tips and educational posts on timely digital marketing trends from us. We might slide in the occasional cat or dog photo, but only when it relates to our business somehow.

We both have a personal Instagram account where we can just be ourselves with our people. The photos we post on our personal profiles do not distract from the goals and purpose of Abuzz Creative.

Since Instagram allows for multiple profiles on your phone, it’s that much easier to manage two profiles so you can keep your home life private and your business life public.