SEO: #1 Reason to Hire a Web Designer

SEO: #1 Reason to Hire a Web Designer

Your business needs a great looking website, but a beautiful website is not nearly enough. Since you are competing with thousands of websites in your industry alone, your website needs to be found in a search.

You need to delegate your website project to a professional web designer for one reason – getting found on search engines.

The top reason to hire a web designer is SEO

You keep hearing about this magical thing called Search Engine Optimization. As a web designer, I really know what SEO is and what is required to achieve it.

SEO helps your website come up on the top when a potential customer searches for what you do and it helps your business compete with larger companies by being more visible.

If you hire me, I will build your website with a strong foundation of SEO so it’s found by people who need your services or products. That means new customers for you and a better bottom line for your business.

Your website will be search engine friendly with the right keywords, phrases, and content for the major search engines. Using the right optimization techniques as part of the website design process is the key to achieving better search engine results.⁣

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are still some “SEO Experts” using outdated deceptive tricks that do more harm than good.

  • “White Hat” techniques follow the rules, are acceptable by the search engines, and are the recommended ways of improving rankings.
  • “Black Hat” techniques don’t play by the rules. They are deceptive and result in penalties, or being banned altogether by the search engines.

As your SEO partner, I always wear the white hat and use the proper search engine techniques!

SEO is always changing and is not something you have time to stay up on. For me, SEO is just a regular part of my job (and I’m outstanding at it).

Leave your website to a professional web designer so your valuable time can be spent running your business and achieving your goals.

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