Search & Social 2019

Search & Social 2019

As you’re planning your marketing strategy, there are some new and exciting features in search and social media to consider.

Some of these features you may already know about and are currently using while a few features have yet to roll out. We know we’re anxiously waiting for a few goodies!

Voice Activated Searching

OK, this isn’t new – it’s always improving! More people are using voice-activated searches every day, and the technology is always changing and getting better. When it comes to your business, you need to optimize your website for voice searches. To be found via Google Home, Alexa and Echo, be sure to add conversational language, FAQs, and important content in the form of questions and answers to your website pages.

Google Discover

The Google Feed has been “amped up” in the new Google Discover which is designed to show relevant content for every individual who is searching on Google. The content you see is based on the kind of content you’ve previously interacted with. Google wants to help you find what is most interesting to you. Google Discover will be showing up more in your results the more you continue to search.

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

You’ve probably seen our posts and reminders about mobile first. That’s because this is important if you still have a Flash or static website that is not mobile friendly. Google rolled out mobile first indexing in 2018, and it will soon affect more business websites. Since mobile use is continually on the rise, your website must be mobile-friendly. We recommend a responsive design that adjusts for all devices (tablets, phones, TVs, laptops).

Add Products to Google My Business

Coming soon! This new feature will let you add product collections to your Google My Business listing. If your business sells products, you can add the name of the product with a description, price, and photo of each product.

You’re updating your Google My Business listing, right?

Ads in Facebook Stories

If they’re not available to you now, Facebook Stories Ads will be soon. Facebook Stories Ads let you deliver a full-screen ad to your audience. These ads take up the full screen on a mobile phone and include Facebook’s advertising features.

Facebook Instant Experiences

Remember Canvas ads? Facebook has changed the name to Instant Experiences which serve ads full-screen and expand when clicked. The number of Instant Experience campaigns has more than doubled and they load faster than ever, especially on mobile. You will have new template options, too, including Instant Storefront, Instant Lookbook, Instant Customer Acquisition, and Instant Storytelling.

Let us know if you’re seeing – and using – any of these new features.