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Review a Web Designer’s Portfolio Before Hiring

Review Web Designer Portfolio Before Hiring

Review a Web Designer’s Portfolio Before Hiring

Your website is your most important marketing piece for your business. Hiring an amateur to design your website is a gamble you should never take for your business. You need a web designer with proof of experience.

You need a web developer who knows custom coding and uses SEO techniques as the foundation of your website.

One of the best ways to determine a web designer’s capabilities is to view their portfolio of website projects they’ve completed.

View a Web Designer’s Portfolio

A portfolio of client work is proof of a web designer’s expertise and will give you a glimpse of the work they’ve done.

Professional web designers provide links to live websites as proof of what they can do. View their designs on your devices, use the menu to navigate to each section, and explore the functionality.

View Samples of Live Websites

Don’t trust screenshots of home pages with no links! You won’t be able to see their work in action!

A portfolio with live website links will tell you a lot about a web designer.

Marcie Wolf has a solid client portfolio spanning more than 20 years. Her digital marketing strategies create long term value for small businesses like yours.

Contact Marcie Wolf for more information or view her Featured Web Design Portfolio.

What if a web designer doesn't have a portfolio?

If you’re searching for a web designer and find one listed without a portfolio, it might be best to skip them as a candidate. A portfolio with live website links is the best way for you to review a web designer’s capabilities, creative talents, and knowledge of SEO. If their sample designs are static screen captures, you won’t be able to determine their true skills and abilities. An experienced web designer has nothing to hide and will be proud to share live sites with you.