Explainer videos are short stories that have risen in popularity in the last few years. Explainer videos capture people’s short attention span and viewers retain your video information better than text.

Video content also ranks high in search engines like Google and helps increase visits to your website. If you’re ready to invest in video marketing, we have a few helpful tips to consider to help your sales.

Keep Your Video Short

People have a very short attention span so you need to keep your video around 30 seconds. Your video must capture their attention right away to keep them glued to your video until the end. The shorter your explainer video, the more likely your viewers will continue watching.

Write a Great Script

You know your business better than anyone so write a short, concise script that gets to the point and stays on track. For a 30-second video, keep your script to around 120 words. Wrap up your script with a hook or call to action. Don’t forget to leave time for a pause and some breathing room.

Hire a Professional for the Voice-Over

Professionals know how to time the right voice to give your video the energy it needs and to keep your viewer’s attention. Professionals also record in a soundproof room so the quality is going to be far superior.

Music Sets the Mood

The background music of your video will add the right energy or set the mood. You need to know your audience so picking the right music will help hook your audience.

Please note: There are copyright rules to adding music so you cannot use popular tunes by professional artists unless you purchase the rights to do so. A professional videographer will have a library of music they have purchased rights to use on your behalf.