Can I Pick Your Brain?

Can I Pick Your Brain?

You’re a marketing expert or someone who is highly respected in your industry. You have a respectable online profile or a public facing profile that is highly visible.

Chances are, you get hit with the “Can I just pick your brain?” on a regular basis. It could be friends, clients, or people you don’t know who are looking for advice. They’ll buy you a cup of coffee in exchange for your knowledge.

When people want free advice or a free solution to a problem they know you can solve, what do you say?

How I Respond to “Can I Pick Your Brain?”

Give this a try:

“I would really love to consult with you! My fees are $$ per hour and are due in advance. Can we schedule a session?”

This helps people recognize that what they are asking for has value. It shows people this is a job, not a hobby.

Don’t get me wrong – I do donate time to organizations that are close to my heart. I get to choose what I set aside as pro bono labor for my favorite causes.

Learn how to tell people, no, they can’t pick your brain for free. You might be surprised to actually gain a new paying client.