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Stock Photos Don’t Belong on Your Google Profile

Stock Photos Google My Business Profile

Stock Photos Don’t Belong on Your Google Profile

When it comes to your Google My Business profile, the images you upload to your photos and use in your posts all need to be unique to your business.

Stock photos do not belong in your Google My Business profile! The most obvious disadvantage? Stock photos are not original.

There’s a pretty good chance that your competitors are using the same exact stock images you’re using.

If the images on your profile are the same as your competition, this will be confusing to people searching for your services.

Unique Images: A Great Way to Tell Your Story

Stock photos tell a story, but it’s not your story. How many other Google profiles are using the same stock photos to tell a similar story?

  • Take time to capture your own unique photos.
  • Share photos of your staff in the workplace and out volunteering.
  • Unique graphics can explain your services or showcase your products.
  • Interior and exterior photos can show all angles of your place of business.

Google knows your business by the images you upload. They deliver results based on the search queries related to those images. The more unique, the better.

Upload high-quality images to your Google My Business profile that are relevant to your business.

This will help boost your visibility in search results and will show people who you really are.