Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Search Engines

Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Search Engines

Instagram is a powerful visual platform for your business, but your Instagram account is difficult to index and display in search results.

Why? Instagram actually blocks search engines from indexing Instagram images.

Fortunately, your profile is indexed. Just a few tweaks can help optimize your profile for search.

Instagram Profile Optimization

  • Set your profile to public.
  • Add your top keyword to your profile name.
  • Create a specific bio with good keywords.
  • Add a link to your website.

Don’t just fill your bio with a bunch of hashtags. Search engines need good text content to work with, and so do humans. Make it clear who you are, what you do, and what you’re about.

How do you change to a business profile on Instagram?

If your Instagram account is for your business, go to Settings > Account and click on Switch to Professional Account. Follow the prompts to create a business profile. You will also have access to Instagram Insights for your business account.

What are Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights are analytics that are available for business accounts only. Analytics will give you insights as to how your account is doing. Statistics include how many people have viewed your profile, your most liked and commented posts, demographics of your followers, and more.

Can I have more than one link in my Instagram bio?

When you upgraded to your business profile, you were able to add links for specific actions (call, email, or get directions). There is only one space for a clickable website link in your Instagram bio. Fortunately, you can use a third-party app to add more links. We use Smart.bio by Tailwind and Linktree is another good one.