Make Sure We Can Find Your Business Online!

Make Sure We Can Find Your Business Online!

Since most of us are confined to our homes right now, more people are online searching and downloading and connecting.

We’re searching to find updates on our community, movies and apps for entertainment, and we’re shopping for products and services while we have the time.

Your online content is getting seen now more than ever before, so this is not the time for your business to be hidden from view or absent in a search.

Keep on Optimizing!

Keep working on your search engine optimization and SEO strategies. You need to stay front and center on Google so your business can be easily found.

Update Google My Business!

Update your Google My Business profile with posts and photos. Use the “temporarily closed” option so people know you are not open right now.

Keep in mind that the review process is a little longer right now due to COVID-19. Read Google’s notification when you login to your profile.

You’re Still in Business!

Today’s situation won’t last forever and your business is not closing. Now is probably the most important time for you to be found online!

Should I be updating my social media, too?

Yes, people are looking to social media for updates on office closures, business operations, and delivery options from local restaurants. Now is an important time to be visible digitally, on social media and your website.