At this point, your business has had a website for quite some time. Have you made sure your website is optimized for mobile visitors?

The average website has 40% of its visits from a mobile device. Some websites might see more mobile use. People are searching for business services like yours on their mobile device.

If your website has not been optimized for mobile use, visitors will have to pinch and zoom with their fingers to read your content. You risk losing today’s mobile user to a competitor who has a mobile-friendly website.

Responsive Websites

Responsive web design plays a dynamic role in presenting your business seamlessly, no matter the device being used. Responsive websites adjust automatically to the size of a visitor’s screen. People can view all of your content on a desktop computer, laptop computer, phone, tablet, or even a TV.

Web experts recommend having a responsive website which uses media queries to determine the screen size of the device a visitor is using. Content will automatically adjust to fit the screen.

Separate Mobile Website

If your website designer set you up with a separate mobile website, you now have two websites to maintain resulting in what we call duplicate content. This is problematic because Google does not like duplicate content. This method will hurt your standings in the search engines. You may have already noticed a drop in visibility for your website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This is a very outdated option for site development. Just say no!

Better Search Rank

Google likes responsive design and other search engines are following suit. The search engines are showing priority in search results to those websites that are responsive. That means your responsive website will rank better in mobile search results and people will have a better chance finding your business online.

Made for Mobile

Studies show that businesses that have well-executed websites that are mobile-friendly will attract potential customers better than businesses that don’t.

If you haven’t already updated your website so that it’s mobile-friendly, now is the time.