Likealyzer – Analyze Your Facebook Page

Likealyzer – Analyze Your Facebook Page

Are you looking for analysis of your Facebook page performance that’s easy to understand? Analyze your business page with Likealyzer for free!

Likealyzer is a free Facebook tool created by Meltwater. The end report is a really easy overview of your Facebook page. This will help you optimize your strategy going forward.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

How does Likealyzer work?

All you have to do is search for your Facebook page and get your results.

Visit Likealyzer

Start by searching for your own Facebook business page in the search field. Now hit enter – there is no sign in required!

Likealyzer instantly converts raw Facebook analytics into an easy to understand report.

You’ll get a general overview with a few bullet points that outline what you’re doing right and what you should fix on your page. The Likealyzer overview sums up your page, about, activity, response and engagement.

Likealyzer doesn’t just analyze your Facebook page, it also uses AI to offer recommendations just for you.

We found out we were missing important business milestones on our page so we followed their recommendation and added a few.

Want even more analysis and recommendations?

Sign in to Likealyzer with your Facebook login. You will now see even more details about your page.

You can also compare your results to your competition. Add the pages of your competitors and then see where you place on your leaderboard. (Abuzz Creative was ranked 1st over the pages of our direct competitors.)

Curious to see whether your Facebook page is doing well? Find out on Likealyzer. It’s free!