I Like You. I’m Going to Follow You.

I Like You. I’m Going to Follow You.

If someone said that to you in real life, it might sound kind of creepy. If they follow you on Instagram and like you on Facebook, that’s a different story. ⁣

How do you get people to follow you on social media?⁣

By being genuinely likable.

  • We follow people we like and can relate to.⁣
  • We follow informers invested in their audience’s needs – rather than their own – who post things that help us.⁣
  • We follow real, authentic people who invite us to engage with them.⁣
  • We follow people who share industry specific content and knowledge without sounding like a know-it-all.⁣
  • We follow people who make us laugh.⁣
  • We follow people who are out there doing cool things.⁣

When people follow you, they like you enough to have your posts appear with those from their friends and families.

To continually prove you’re worthy of that position, be genuinely likable in all you do and share.⁣