Be More Human on Social Media

Be More Human on Social Media

Social media is all about being social, and that means being human. Nobody goes to Facebook or Instagram to hear your sales broadcast. They’re on social media to socialize!

To increase engagement on social media, stop being so professional all the time. Try being more human. Try doing behind-the-scenes live videos that show the human side of your business. Have fun with your staff photos.

Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

When you humanize your brand, you will stand out from the crowd. Share the human side of your business. Transparency is what fans want, and businesses that share these types of posts are seeing great results in terms of engagement!

Take Time to Listen

Make sure you’re not doing all of the talking or posting on social networks. You have to show people that you actually care about them. By taking time to listen and engage with others, you will build new relationships -both personally and professionally – through online conversations.

The New Social Networking

Social networking online is an important marketing tactic. This is the way people communicate today and they are looking for people like you to connect with online. Social networking can be very time consuming, but if you’re genuine in your efforts and dedicate the time needed, it will all be worth it in the end – for you and your business!

Your ultimate goal is to establish a relationship of credibility and trust between you and your followers. With each conversation, people’s comfort with your brand will grow. You will gain their trust and their willingness to do business with you in the future just by letting them get to know the real you!