Creating a website should be first on the to-do list for any new company. A website gives your business credibility and shows people that you’re ready to do business. If you don’t have a website, how would people even know you exist?

The time has come to request proposals for a new website or to improve upon your existing website. Where do you start?

Goals for Your Website

Decide first what you expect your website to do for you. Websites can generate leads, add credibility, provide resources and sell products. Decide what you must have, what you want to have, and what you absolutely do not need.

Keep in mind that the more functionality you add, the more expensive your website project can become. You can always start small and add more as your business grows.

Budget for Website and Hosting

Know what your budget range is before you start contacting web design companies. Most web developers will need to know your budget so they can provide a proposal based on what you can afford. Your budget will also determine which company you can work with and just how many goodies you can add at the beginning.

Ask web developers if they charge an additional monthly fee for your website, on top of the one-time fee to develop your website.

You will also need to budget for website hosting which is an annual renewal.

Who Makes Future Website Updates?

It makes more sense for you to make your own website updates so be sure to ask if this will be an option with your new website.

At Abuzz Creative, we develop websites with WordPress which has become the most popular content management system available. WordPress offers a huge community for support, an extensive library of plugins, and is the most user-friendly when it comes to making updates. Our hands-on training is quite often all that anyone needs to maintain their new WordPress website. (Please note: We provide on-site training for clients in Petoskey, Michigan and Harbor Springs, Michigan; all other locations are by phone.)

Work with the Right Web Design Firm

We always recommend comparing costs and services from multiple web design agencies near you. Arrange a time to meet with them in person and listen to what they have to say, and see if the fit is right in regard to personality. Take time to review their experience, design portfolio, and availability by email or phone.

Start building credibility and increasing sales with a new business website. Potential customers search for information on multiple search engines and your new website will help you find success online!