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Hiring the Right Team to Manage Your Social Media

Hire Right Social Media Marketing Team Petoskey Michigan

Hiring the Right Team to Manage Your Social Media

Social media gives your business the power to reach more people, but only if you have time to devote to the right social networks. It does take work to keep publishing great content online that will help you find new customers.

When is it time to hire someone to manage your social media?

When you’re missing out on potential business!

Find the Perfect Team for Your Socials

Social media is changing every day with updated algorithms, new rules, and new platforms. The right social media team is keeping up on trends and important changes – things you just don’t have time to do.

When you hire someone to manage your brand on social media, not only do you need someone who is knowledgeable – you need to trust them.

Hiring the right team will require some research on your part. If they say they know social media, check to see if they really DO know social media.

First place to check? Their social media profiles!

  • What social channels are they using?
  • How often do they post content on their profiles?
  • What time of day do they post on socials?
  • Do they create unique graphics or just use generic stock photos?
  • What kind of engagement do they get (i.e. likes, comments)?
  • Are their Instagram captions readable with spacing?
  • Do their posts help educate you, or are they always selling or boasting?

Next to place to check? Links to clients they manage!

  • Check all the same points above.
  • Does their client work prove they have a strong social expertise?

Warning: If a social media team won’t share their client links with you, take that as a red flag. How can you determine if they will do a good job for your business?

Find a social media team who is proud to share examples with you, can prove their client success, and is eager to work with you.